Being who you are, listening to yourself and making your own decisions, rather than buying all the crap society foists on you. Keep it real. (authentic)
Authenticity became his primary value. My dog lives for authenticy.
by DJrumination January 16, 2007
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being real and not messing with the fake or unloyal people
“usually i am 85% authentic, but in this case i am being 100% authentic.”
by 696969969696 June 1, 2021
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Being all real and not about tha fake stuff.
Wearing your real hair, nails, and breast is keeping it authentic.
by Denisha April 30, 2006
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1. adjective to describe an experience as a reality outside of a classroom, movie, or book.

2. adjective to describe being true to your own nature in the face of pressures to conform to local norms. Usually meaning a life that rejects modern expectations.
1. Taking students to the homeless shelter provided an authentic learning experience.

2. Joe gave up the rat race to lead an authentic life.
by Brent Thompson December 7, 2005
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A girl who does denies being called a vegan, vegetarian, lactose intolerant, yet never even tasted eggs, milk, any goddamn type o'meat, and most fruit and veg
You know what people like you are called? Saying it sarcastically: "Authentic"
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A universal word meaning "fake version of foreign cuisine/art/music that appeals to white pseudo intellectual hipsters"
That Chinese place is so great, its so authentic and local!
by jodebane October 12, 2015
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1. of the genuine article; trustworthy.
2. the original, not a copy.
3. when a person refuses to change, and refuses to revise improve, better, etc themself, staying the same.
I'm not changing, I'm staying the same, therefore I'm authentic.
This document isn't the original, it's not authentic.
Authentic Italian cuisine.
by King of Adelaide November 2, 2019
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