Cute/pretty chubby girl.

Usually used affectionately.
"Ahh look at my gordita!" *pinches cheeks*- Some family member


"Ayy gordita, come over here" -Some dude tryin to holla.
by bmorebun July 1, 2005
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Ultimate insult when spoken between skinny, tarted-up latina girls.
latina 1: "Aie chinga, he's my man"
latina 2: "Out of the way, gordita"
latina 1: "Oh this is on"

Arm flapping/slapping/hilarity ensues
by TreeWeezel November 19, 2010
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one of the tacos in the taco bell menu.
damn this is one good gordita, what you get the beef or chicken one?
by c v.2 | mikky mouz July 14, 2005
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A Spanish word for short fat woman.
Females who continue to eat McDonalds will soon become gorditas
by Sabre Z September 18, 2004
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