To check yourself over,to watch yourself before u get your ass whipped
"Eyyo n****,watcha back,u best be checkin yoself,now dipset outta heaa,fore i bust a cap in yo ass"

Shane-Ima rokin n****
Byrin-no u aint u a bitch,betta check yoself fore i send your white ass across the trailor park
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You're so wrong and crazy with the shit you do and say that you need to pay to get verified.

First said by comedian Josh Johnson on Hold Up podcast with Dulcé Sloan on 11/3/2022
Look, check yourself. Me check myself?! Go blue check yourself!
by Alt Deadpool November 3, 2022
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Stepping back and looking at your actions before daring to enter Shreks swamp.
Idiot: Man this forest looks nice i think its where shrek lives! Lets investigate.
Me:Bro you better check yourself before you shrek yourself
by emojibitch August 5, 2014
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Take a step back and examine your actions, because you are in a potentially dangerous or sticky situation that could get bad very easily. Often in a harmful manner.
by GSDubs October 14, 2009
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1 (v, idiom) "check yourself before you wreck yourself"

A popular idiom- its creation typically being credited to the revered American Gangster Rapper, Ice Cube- that implies a person, before making a firm choice of word(s) or action(s), should first exercise precaution and consider all outcomes and possible consequences that will follow as a result of what they say or do; and that, as a result of the individual's negligence to use foresight in the situation, if they do not exercise such precaution- or "check theirself" first, then on nearly every occasion that isn't a "first offense" the individual in question will suffer instantaneous or swift judgement (karma) dictated by the other people around them.

(synonyms: recognize, respect, keep it 100, watch one's attitude, watch one's mouf, behave oneself)

"Ayo, Christine. I done seen my girl loving up another man."
"Who, Quincy?"
"Yes, ma'am. You already know I'm finna burn all her shoes!"
"Woah now, big dog! You'd betta check yourself before you wreck yourself."
by Yo Mama’s Asshole January 26, 2021
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To check your actions before you go off and do something stupid, and Shrek the almighty ogre lord decides to kill you.
Man: I hear investing in bitcoin is the way to go nowadays
Man's friend: Check yourself, before you Shrek yourself
by Imnotameme January 18, 2018
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Take a chill pill and look at your actions. Examine what you're next action because right now, you're heading in a bad direction.
Person: I think I'll go see La La Land!

Me: Check yourself before you shrek yourself, dickhead.
by macabre pizza coffin April 19, 2017
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