An East Coast city noted for being much, much worse than London.
Nearly every day a preppy Connecticut College student walks off the secluded New London campus and gets shot.
by DavidfromNLCT February 8, 2009
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Literally translated, New London means "dick suckin." However it may be used in various forms to describe any sort of gay activity pertaining to the sucking of a males penis by another male, or getting ones penis sucked by a another male.
I wanna get my New London on with him.
I wish James would give me some New London.
I am New London Proud.
by tuefel hund October 2, 2011
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A small town in central Wisconsin. Known for drunk fun escapades, underage women, and great fishing!
Im going to New London to get drunk, laid, and catch some Northern!
by M8830M April 6, 2012
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"If one has New Londons fries, one must share New Londons fries. Someday you will be without them, and, because of this rule, you can help yourself to some of the deliciousness, just as others have helped themselves to yours."
~Moses, "The Old Testament" Deleted Scenes

When an aquaintance has a serving of delicious New Londons fries, this law can be utilized. The Moocher must first declare that he/she is taking some fries under the Rule of New Londons. The owner of the fries has no choice but to comply, for they know that they have mooched in the past and will mooch in the future.
"Dude, you're so envious, I have fries and you don't!"
"I hereby enact the Rule of New Londons. Fork some over."
"Dammit dude, fine, here ya go..."
by JockoAccidente October 7, 2006
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Half of the town are druggies and other half are rednecks we like to drink beer snowmobile shoot shit ,n party fuck sluts and throw a big ole dipski and the lipski yee yee brothers.
by duramaxboy March 21, 2017
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The diverse, heroin-infested county of southeast Connecticut. Has two Indian Casionos and some of the finest beaches/seafood. Many of the towns are working-class New England towns with Irish/Polish/Italian Catholics and some Blacks/Puerto Ricans. Cities are mainly Latino/Black but have more of an ethic-white presence than down south/out west. Rich towns include East Lyme, Old Lyme, and Mystic which are all on the coast. Cities like New London and Norwich are relatively small for cities, but still diverse. Norwich is more rundown but New London has more gangs. Pawn shops, Packies (Liquor Stores my bad!), gun shops, motels, and rundown gas stations are everywhere.

Heroin/opiates are a huge problem in the area and overdoses are at an all-time-high (end of 2017). The drugs come in to New London/Norwich from NYC/Providence and then get distributed to towns like Montville, Salem and Ledyard. From there they make their way to the rich towns. This is because rich people would rather get their drugs re-distributed from a poor Irish Catholic or Polock compared to a Puerto Rican/Haitian.

There are two Native American reservations that are home to the Pequot and Mohegan tribes respectively. The Mohegans are usually white and the Pequots are usually black. Makes no sense right?! Both groups still get free houses, cars, school, food, and more.

Lots of us have Rhode Island accents.
Blake: Christopher, would you care to go to Mohegan Sun Resort Casino in New London County and get free drinks at the slot machines?

Christopher: I’ve watched enough Shameless to know that poor Irish Catholic criminals and needle-infested streets are not my cup of tea. Neither are Italian politicians or violent, gun-toting Haitians.
by TyreeDavidThomas January 11, 2018
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New London Ohio is where you will find the biggest population of druggies. Also along with the largest population of teen mothers who can't keep their legs close. New London is one of the worst towns to live in and don't ever live here. People will start stuff and never go through with it and there's nothing but losers here
I was in new London Ohio and I drank the water and got pregnant.
by Whyyou February 25, 2016
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