47 definitions by Grant

1.Means Look at me I'm a hick.
Popular slang among cowboys.

2.You yell this when you're doing a fat chick,means your calling her a horse
Bill yelled Whoopee ti-yi-yo as he rode a horse.
by Grant March 31, 2004
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The proper title of Baal "Lord of Destruction." Baal may think he's badassed but he is just a prissy bitch
Baal"Marius give me the soulstone and all will be forgiven" Marius"UP YOURS QUEEN OF DESTRUCTION"
by Grant March 5, 2004
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Grants are the best. Grant is the man. You don't get any blacker than a Grant. Grants life achievments have changed many peoples lives for the better, with many original and utterly expressive words (sounds), most notably the infamous gchie.
Grant is the man.
Grant has an irresistable plump ass.
Grant's fingers smell like jolly ranchers.
by Grant April 3, 2004
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I shall have a fargh with my friends.
by Grant October 20, 2004
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adj.-insane, crazy, eccentric
Calvin and Hobbes-Attack of the DERANGED Mutant Killer Monster Snow Goons
by Grant March 20, 2005
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A grocery store that franchises in the mid south (i.e. Va, NC). Used to be called Hannaford
yo, im goin to Kroger to get some grub. BRB
by Grant July 17, 2003
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A word that can be used in any situation, good or bad. One of the adaptable words known to man.
1. Dag yo, I heard theres a massive gangbang goin on in here.

2. Dag yo! (good)

3. Dag yo... (bad)

4. Dag yo, thats fucked up. (bad)

5. Dag yo, Im hungry!
by Grant January 27, 2004
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