A blackie that's mixed with a cracker.
"Damn, those celebrities be having them blacker babies!"
by trishlikefish88 January 30, 2021
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the complete opposite of a wigger; a black person who acts like the stereotypical white person.
my friend is the biggest blacker you'll ever meet, half the time I forget that he's black.
by Bobette Jones June 13, 2007
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a black guy that acts like a preppy white person.
that blacker doesn't even listen to rap! wtf?
by Mike May 15, 2003
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a nigga tryin to act like he's white,wearing white boy
shoes,talking like a preppy little white person,rollin with
all white boys,fucks only white hoes,dress's like a white boy.
"look at that lil wannabe, he thinks hes white lets go beat
his black ass,ugly blacker."
by XXX killa October 20, 2005
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A black man who dates and has sexual encounters only with white women, primarily UK slang, attributed to mainly black athletes who are known to date the hottest white UK glamour models, actresses, singers, reality tv stars, etc. Usually, the blacker is also known to be well-endowed and sought out by these women as desirable sexually, but also financially due to their wealth. Blacker is a noun, not a verb or adjective.
He is a total blacker, never dates black women, never even looks at them. His white girlfriends are his trophies.
by sarasplayroom.com January 29, 2010
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girls that are queers and are sluts who do each other by licking the other ones pussy
Sam and Krystina blackerd each during there sleep over.
by Adam Willietz January 11, 2009
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