Nut Crunch. It means something that crunches your nuts.
by Iuonno July 9, 2009
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NC means no contact. that is the only way to let go of the one you love.
you broke up with your gf? i'm sorry to hear. she's probably in NC right now so don't expect to hear from her.
by BruceX March 23, 2008
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If someone texts this to you, it normally means one of these two:
1) No one cares
2) Nobody cares
ME: I'm going to town today! Woooooh!
by EmeraldBlitz March 29, 2015
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local name for North Carolina, the tightest fuckin state in the whole damn country
NC is the mothafuckin shit, cuz
by Khronic March 12, 2006
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A 19 year old Australian originated female fanfiction character with a Tall ponytail and is 6”5.
I think NC is hot, I jerk to her way to much
Friend: Same lol
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