48 definition by Grant

Raw Hardcore mixed with emotional lyrics
Emocore is fuckin great. Poison The Well is my fav. band
by Grant July 17, 2003

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1. When one is without a penis
F*** man! I just went 517
by Grant February 19, 2004

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A period of time that you had a great time
At the dance I had a hot minute with those girls
by grant December 09, 2003

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Off top--ic, or out of the discussion
Hey man hows Greg
-- Off top if he comes around here im gunan beet his a$$...off top"
by Grant February 16, 2005

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A short little fucker who thinks they are tough, but anyone can beat their ass.
Like when topher faught bacon, look at that.
by Grant March 21, 2003

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A decent car but not worth buying. It's pretty ugly as well. Torque is non existant. Also gets 13mpg (I drove one for a few thousand miles, not making it up). Pretty bad for a 1.3 liter engine that's not even that fast. Don't buy this car.
Semi fast car if you can get it out of the gas station without having to refuel.
by Grant April 05, 2004

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