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One of the best punk bands ever. Awesome, heartfelt lyrics ranging from love to politics to life in general, loud punding voice and amazing drums.
the years unfold in one moment
the voices that we heard so loud
are now suddenly silenced
inside this crowd
and you're surrounded by the lives
of those who found something to hold
so bringing everybody down
is all you know
by God October 20, 2004

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god's one true gift to mankind
that weed we smoked was fuckjing gooddodod
by god March 04, 2005

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The most followed piece of fiction ever written. A fairytale to explain to people what man can't explain and provide them with comfort by shielding them from the truth.
Christianity blinds you.
by God May 14, 2003

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Someone who wasn't accepted to UCLA.
I hope that someday I don't have to settle for being a Trojan...
by God January 17, 2005

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good game no rematch, often used in gaming.
omfg ggnore newblets !!!!
by god October 24, 2004

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What females call men that are giving them unwanted attention.
average joe or worse: hi
female: eww, get away from me perv

male model: hi
female: want my phone number?

rich ugly guy: hi
female: let's get married
by god July 27, 2010

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The best musician with little radio play... God's Gift to Piano
God said "let there be piano" then he said, "let there be Ben Folds"
by God April 07, 2005

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