249 definitions by God

Son of Count Dracula ... supernatural powers to any who use this alias within the Gaming Realms ......
(After someone killed 100+ cstrike players) 'OMFG YOU JUST CRANKED THE MINIMUM CRITERIA FOR AN ALUCARD!'
by God March 5, 2003
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the most insane music earth will ever hear
by God October 6, 2004
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A phenomenon that has become so cliche and preppy that it's much more cooler NOT to be on facebook
Facebook is the equivalent of watching MTV, listening to 50 Cent, and watching reality TV shows
by God April 29, 2005
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A cross between a penis and a vagina. Spelt with an F to sound homo.
-Mrs. Clack has a penis.
-No, it's a Fagenis.
-Oh, shes neither male nor female.
by God October 21, 2004
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a school for weirdos, uglies, and crackwhores
Marlborough pretty much sucks, its sad that girls have to hide that they go there.
by God February 14, 2005
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is a ginger and cant talk to girls, smokes a pack a day and sucks at club penguin.

hi dick gets hard when he sees madaloin
oh you cant talk to girls your such a mason
you suck at club penguin you must be mason
by God April 11, 2019
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