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form of speed good to steal from your friends with a.d.d. : )
by God December 30, 2004
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hrl are fucking losers and will all die very painfully. Fuck hrl and fuck everyone involved in hrl you all deserve testicular cancer. Everone hates you. Oh ya and a fucking gang real cool it isn't the geheto you retarts. Go cry back to mummy and tell her that someone is ragging your gang and maybe daddy can buy your love and try and sue me. I am unstoppable.
hrl are fudge packers that enjoy fucking there mums and getting fucked by there dads.
by God September 20, 2004
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Achuwie I didn't steal that toy or achuwie I'm a fat smelly slob
by God August 4, 2003
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When a women's nipple becomes aroused and reaches a lenght of over 4 inches, it therefore declared a nipple cock.
Yo man!! look at Sally's nipple cock!! It's shooting out milk!!

As soon as he rubbed my boobies, I grew intense nipple cocks everywhere.
by God December 8, 2004
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south bay where there are a lot of high tech companies
Wow u work in Silicon Valley. U must be one rich programmer
by God October 28, 2003
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why jim, that was a rather long jobby jobby, did you eat it as well?

Of course I did, I cannot resist a good jobby jobby
by God April 12, 2003
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