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See Chacho. Dude who is all about docking and water sports.
Person A: Did you just get back from the Manhole?

Person B: Who do you think I am Churcho.
by God April 1, 2005
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Revolutionary international non-profit art group. Members numbering above 80 globally. Inception in November of 1999 through May of 2001 when the group merged with long time group Insane Creators Enterprise (iCE).
by God March 10, 2003
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To get "high" on heroine through the means of an introvenus-needle. I.e. - Shooting up.
Addict: Yo, dog... Yo got the shit to lemme rock tha mainline?
Dealer: Fo' sizzle ma nizzle, that'll be fiddy.
by God May 20, 2003
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Someone who purposely trys to make a group of people look like idiots. They post in a forum as a member of a group and start acting like a complete moron and, in turn, making people mad at that particular group.
MarioInYourFace is a fakeboy
by God April 24, 2005
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Term used mostly to define a power hungry very bias person.
Yes John, I would agree that he is being very Pandilex like.
by God November 4, 2004
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someone who smokes larges quatities of marijuana, often is constantly baked and mutter things like i have no idea whats going on right now and what were we just talking about?
dood i am such a f***ing pothead
by God October 13, 2003
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form of speed good to steal from your friends with a.d.d. : )
by God December 30, 2004
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