interjection: a word that hardly ever fails at it's purpose as an interjection.
taylor: we gonna kick it today?
chris: hell yeah we are!
taylor: domination!
by the storm drains May 2, 2009
Read above for an example of pure domination.
by rugger7 November 21, 2010
when one or two people, and occassionally a group of people (in the case of the bang squad), make everybody else in the room feel absolutely inferior. Many times the dominator(s) will employ moves such as the bang train and other tactics of that nature.
Whoah, Jen and Kelsey have complete domination over this room, and probably the one adjacent to it as well.
by Patricia Cummings January 28, 2006
Great job done by all. Overwhelming force. Domination. Likewise, Minneapolis was great. (thank you President Trump!)”, said Trump, of himself, using one of his favorite words.
by Monkey's Dad June 4, 2020
Dominic shoots his cum all on your face and smacks you with his hard cock All day and night throughout the day
He came all over my face and then started smacking me around with his leaking cock

Wow I wanna fuck Dominic that sounds fun
by Bend over and take it raw February 17, 2021
I want him to smack me around with his hard dick and fuck my face
Dominic stood on the tub but naked and told me to come here I got closer and he swacked me in the face Oh my god I love it when he does that
by Respect the 90’s baby June 15, 2021
Dominic loves listening to R&B music while he eats you out he's a instant panty dropper pussy soaker he has a serious fetish for really sexy women and have women gag on his big dick don’t ask me how I know all of this he is so amazing but he has a masturbation problem and is still able to pull a perfect 10 on accident without even trying
Dominic you love this pussy right

Yeah I wanna suck on it all day baby till it’s licked out
by Great signal July 8, 2020