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The last name of movers, shakers, go-getters, and takers. They guayule and they hustle hella hard. This last name brings great fortune and is a blessing to have.
"Who is that? She's gorgeous must be a Simmons..."
by hustlersss October 13, 2013
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When a person in a group a dissapears at random a moment with no clue to where they have dissapeared to or how long ago they left.
where has he/she gone? He/she seems to have done a Simmons
by richandrhys January 25, 2010
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A brand of hexagonal electronic drums in the 80's, often considered the maker of the first true electronic drumset. Simmons was known for their infamous "dzssshh" and "beyoooo" sounds that can be heard on countless 80's pop and new wave songs. The Simmons name was reincarnated in 2006 when Guitar Center bought the rights to the name and logo. They now manufacture low-end (aka crap) electronic drumsets that are of no relation to the original Simmons company.
Some 80's record: "boom ba doom beyoooo!"
Musically uneducated person: "WTF was that?"
Drummer: "Simmons drums!"
by jimbob8353 November 29, 2010
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a person, usually male, who likes to dress up weirdly or put make up on
guy 1: see that guy over there the one with the eye shadow

guy 2: you mean the simmons
by kobie22 April 10, 2009
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