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Gene means a sweet guy who is there for you and can win your heart. He also doesn't care what other people think as long as your happy. He grabs your ass and touches you. He will fuck you until you can't walk, he'll eat you out until your legs are shaking. You want one badly.
Damnnnn, there's Gene again I want him
by zoo000000 December 16, 2016
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Godlike in stature, to walk into a crowded room and the men sit down and the women drop their pants. to be such a viking lord that spiders are scared of you...not the other way around.

Often referred to by scientists as a "finely tuned instrument of the coital arts"

see also: UBER-MAN
"hey dude is that Gene?"

"WHAT!?? RUN!!!"
by eville January 22, 2009
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Everyone needs a Danny until Gene comes on scene...
Gene he ain't green, he can even impress Paula Deen...
by Namowasiaras June 03, 2016
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Can be an absolute asshole and usually is, he can have a soft spot at times but refuses to show it. A caring, loving, amazing man under his cover hate and "bitchiness"
Girl-is that Gene? Oh God he's so mine..

Girl2-Hes taken unfortunately
by YandereLoverPerson June 11, 2017
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a male human with a penis longer than the axis the earth spins on and is a ladies man and men go gay just to be with him and his hair is like a luscious, breezy,and graceful meadow in the heart of Switzerland, and when he has a discharge of male seamon,it is equivalent to the Indian ocean, and there for the woman implodes from his wonder and awe.
Oh,he must be a gene!
by rodney johannsen June 01, 2010
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that one guy everyone thinks they know but really dont hes very hott and artistic. he should date misunderstood chick that shars his values.
hey gene your really amazing
by texasgirl1010 November 22, 2011
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A complete asshole who yells at 3 lil fuckers playing Marco Polo in a green pool, alway he doesn’t put a fucking pool cover on his pool during the winter. Absolute cunt
Kevin, your dad Gene is an absolute drunken asshole
by Jordi El Niño February 11, 2019
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