Godlike in stature, to walk into a crowded room and the men sit down and the women drop their pants. to be such a viking lord that spiders are scared of you...not the other way around.

Often referred to by scientists as a "finely tuned instrument of the coital arts"

see also: UBER-MAN
"hey dude is that Gene?"

"WHAT!?? RUN!!!"
by eville January 22, 2009
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Can be an absolute asshole and usually is, he can have a soft spot at times but refuses to show it. A caring, loving, amazing man under his cover hate and "bitchiness"
Girl-is that Gene? Oh God he's so mine..

Girl2-Hes taken unfortunately
by YandereLoverPerson June 11, 2017
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Gene’s are always unbelievably sweet and genuine to everyone. They tend to be unbelievably hot and attractive and are absolutely amazing in relationships. They make the most loving and genuine boyfriends and have the biggest hearts. Their happiness is contagious and it is impossible not to feel happy when around them.
Oh my gosh, Gene is the most attractive person I’ve ever seen.
by Phat oof November 10, 2018
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A tall, sexy beast with a firm ass and very broad shoulders. He looks so good from behind that you’d agree to a date without having seen his face.

He picks you up for lunch. He is confident, chatty and intelligent. He makes you laugh. He eats like a horse....even from other people’s plates. It’s a damn super power because he is so tall and thin.

As time goes on, it’s revealed that he’s not just brilliant at math, science and business. He can also fix anything. How is he real? He handles his money well and is a master in the sheets. You want to stop time and exist forever in his red bedroom. Women can exist on snacks, sex and him.

His DNA should be bottled and sold. His offspring are tall, tan and striking. His attributes do not fade with age. If you find one, you’ll want to keep him.
by Ilikepopcorn February 04, 2020
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that one guy everyone thinks they know but really dont hes very hott and artistic. he should date misunderstood chick that shars his values.
hey gene your really amazing
by texasgirl1010 November 22, 2011
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A boy, usually a wannabe roadman who thinks everyone loves them. He is most found on houseparty showing off his non existant abs and basic british white boy perm to random girls while constantly checking to see if he looks nice (he always thinks he does but he is very wrong) As soon as his friends join a call he does the following: lowers his voice even more than it was before, switches on his roadman vocab and starts violating people to fit in with his poor choice of friends. He reminds everyone of (blanks) clapped cat because he is an ugly pussy. He will do anything to impress his friends even if it means calling and spamming girls to apologize for baiting them out. Overall, Gene is a not a person who you should associate with, stay clear. You have been warned.

he belongs in the gulag
Did you see Gene on houseparty earlier, he’s so vain and clapped at the same time! How does that even work? Even his personality sucks...

Gene is so annoying, he chats shit about everyone and thinks hes hard and a roadman. Gene belongs in the gulag.
by wehatefuckboys June 05, 2020
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A complete asshole who yells at 3 lil fuckers playing Marco Polo in a green pool, alway he doesn’t put a fucking pool cover on his pool during the winter. Absolute cunt
Kevin, your dad Gene is an absolute drunken asshole
by Jordi El Niño February 11, 2019
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