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A person with a compulsive desire to steal things.

Many Kleptos steal things from work.
Not many people knew it, but Adam was a Klepto. He bragged about stealing laptops, hard drives, memory, tape drives, blank CDs, tapes, keyboards, mice, you name it.

– Anything he could fit into his oversized Microsoft bag would end up in his basement…

See also: PTOboy tourettes
by Fred March 30, 2004

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bisexual at times, mainly after the cock
of officers on the commandant's staff to get rank, extreme sluts of the institute. bree
females attending military institutes
by fred November 22, 2003

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A term coined by Fred Bliss, a slan term for penis. The original word was used in context one day at Chandler's Tavern, a restaurant at the Yankee Candle Company.

The term was invented in the summer of 2000.
Actual excerpt from the conversation where it all started:

Larry said: "She was so pissed off!"
Fred said: "He's lucky she didn't kick him right in the beef whistle!"
by Fred October 25, 2004

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a kool ass tv game show programme which makes fuck all sense and the winner doesn't get any money from it
countdown is koo lets go watch it
by fred September 29, 2004

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Miami, Florida. The southern most big city of the continental USA. Slang term miamians use to refer to Miami
"Form Atlanta to Da Bottom"

Trick Daddy-Down Wit' Da South
by fred November 11, 2004

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reggaeton is not actually just Puerto Rico's version of reggae...if you do the research you'll find that reggaeton first came around in panama as "spanish reggae". It has evolved to become "perreo", "dembow", or just "reggaeton"
i like reggaeton
me gusta el reggaeton
by fred February 28, 2005

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official answer to most threads on tranceaddict.com
by Fred November 07, 2003

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