2 simple words that can mean the world to some people. It can be used too describe 2 ppl who can't be together but want to be...so they use one day as a way too connect which is something that means the world to them. Even if they think they don't believe it anymore, they are secretly still hoping for their one day together
by Volleygirl189 February 24, 2015
(Idiom) followed by a wish for the future.
One day I want a ferrari 250 GTO/a mansion/a penis/ a doggie!/a job/ a girlfriend/a hitler moustache/ your phone number/ yo mama!
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 5, 2004
A euphemistic way of saying never.
My boyfriend keeps asking for anal sex. I tell him I'll let him put it in my butt one day, but we both know it's never gonna happen.
by Not Getting In My Butt September 24, 2009
Euphemistic way of saying never.
My mum told me I'll be president one day.
by One Day I'll get a name September 28, 2008
The day after the day that was after the day that something was planned to happen. (Usually having to do with regret or missed opportunities.)
I regret not telling you. I am so sorry, one day...
by Zoo-Boy October 28, 2011
A day off in the middle of the week, that makes the night prior feel like Friday night, but the day of to feel like Sunday.
School was canceled on Wednesday due to a snowstorm so a One Day Weekend was sent to us from the heavens.
by Goat The Man January 1, 2009