A person who refuses to get sucked into the superficial, MTV party lifestyle that his constituents tend to pursue. He lives his own life, ignorant of passing trends and other pseudo-cultural phenomenon. In other words, the "caz" is someone who lives outside of the world around him that has become over-saturated with falsehoods spewed out by the media.
I think I'll just go outside and get some sun instead of going to a tanning salon like everyone else. That's what caz would do.

I wonder why he doesn't spike his hair or get meaningless cliche tattoos. He must be trying to emulate caz.

Wait! You'd rather go kayaking than go to parties, get wasted and smoke weed all the time? You sound like a caz.
by ladder_md April 27, 2010
dude! you totally cazzed the bumper on your brother's car!
by k.e.o. June 24, 2010
She's a bit caz.

Sorry, but I'm afraid your daughter is caz.
by LostThePlotMate April 10, 2007
guy #1 : Hey, look at that hot as girl over there !
guy#2 : oh yeah man shes a caz i definitely do her !
by anonymous1992. June 16, 2009
When you fart and accidentally shit yourself while wearing white trousers in a public place.
Maaaate... I just did a caz
by stimp December 8, 2013
The boobiest boob who ever boobed. A fantabulous personage with boobs. Good ones. Her face is pretty too. Two. Boobies. YAY!
skullz.org loves Caz's boobies.
by Phoebchen March 9, 2004
A really bad odour usually from a fart or burp

1)Dude,that caz stinks!!

2)You really need to sort that dog out,he smells like caz

by T.L Spencer April 22, 2008