139 definition by FreD

n: American, based off of 'hot sex'
name used to describe any girl who you would want to have sex with.
Man, she's a real Capri
by Fred September 01, 2004

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While doing a girl from behind spit on her back while moaning she will inevidably think the deed has been done when it is only just the begging. After she pulls away and faces u then "surprise" blow your load right in that tricks face. Just like Hudini would have done
I had to take Betsy to the hospital after a well placed Hudini caught her in both eyes
by Fred March 24, 2005

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The crappiest town in south east kent.
My god, this place is worse than folkestone!
by Fred January 05, 2004

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To be pwned; to have pwnage placed upon you.
I pwnz0red j00 today!!!
by Fred March 25, 2003

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The Only Place to get a cheesesteak worthy of the name is in philadelphia, The best are Geno's and Pat's wich are located in south Philly, a cheesesteak is a Amoroso hoagie roll with chip steak and either provolone, american, or cheese wiz, some people like fried onions or peppers but they are not included in a true cheesesteak. NOTE: the term "philly cheesesteak" usally means the cheesesteak is not a true cheesesteak, also cheesesteak has no hyphen between cheese and steak
ya'll honky muthafuckas dont know shit about cheesesteaks
by Fred January 04, 2005

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When a guy jizzes on a woman's face and punches her in the nose. Then she smears the blood and cum with her hand...yummy
Last night I gave Sue a jelly donut.
by Fred May 13, 2004

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So my friends and I were talking this over and we've basically come to five conclusions. 1. Friendster is a great way to meet new people. 2. If someone on Friendster wants to meet up with you in person, they're probably a creepy loner that you want nothing to do in the first place. 3. We don't want to contact other people on the basis that they'd think we're creepy loners. 4. We have no idea why we're really on Friendster. 5. My Friendster name is Fred. Maybe we can hang out!
"Friendster" was a fun waste of time for about three weeks.
by Fred March 31, 2004

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