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the ultimate one
the fernando is the best 69
by fred December 18, 2003

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A sexy beast. See also pimp.
The women lined up to do Hoang.
by Fred June 03, 2003

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Oh dear the object in front of me appears not to be working
when your cental heating breaks down.....
fuck! the fucking fuckers fucking fucked fuck!
7 in a row gramatically correct
by fred November 19, 2003

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Worst section of Miami, Florida. Located north of Downtown Miami, predominantly a black neighborhoood (95%-black, 5%- hispanic. First black neighborhood in Miami, Florida. Infested with crime, drugs, bums, and prostitutes. For People who live in Overtown, it is home. We are called TOWNERS 4 LIFE.
Overtown is bounded by 20 st. and 3st NW. It has 6 sections- 4 cents, town park, rainbow projects, swamps projects, highland park, 18 st., 19 st.
by fred September 27, 2004

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state of being pregnant
I'd like to fuck that girl with a bun in the oven.
by Fred October 11, 2003

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a very good looking player that has alot of girls. This term is mainly used for Asian rappers.
man, you are shamir
by fred January 29, 2004

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ignorant moron
"W" is an igmo.
by Fred October 16, 2003

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