442 definition by Eric

Best RPG period. Actually realistic setting unlike Dungeons and Dragons and that gay shit. Who needs wizards, magic, and swords when you can have plasma rifles that melt flesh right off of peoples bones, whores, mutants, drugs, armor that makes you look badass, and blowing people up to human sausage. Created by Black Isle
Fallout rules doude.
by Eric January 16, 2005

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smokin lots of weed
yo me and my mans were chiefin like a mutha fucka last nite
by eric August 03, 2003

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A man no better then the group Mini Vanilli that "lives off of" and copies everyone elses music because he cant write his own.
Person 1: Dude you hear P Diddy's new song?

Person 2: Whos song?
by Eric July 06, 2005

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Alcholic drink that killed my brother Jo-Jo.
Noooooo! Jo-Jo!!!!!!
by Eric January 07, 2005

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A rock artist who helped shape what music is today. Not a girl you idiots.
Alice Cooper is awesome
by Eric December 29, 2004

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Masturbating to avoid doing work.
No, I havent started the paper, I've been procrasturbating.
by Eric April 15, 2003

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Well I'm from Houston, and down here "barred out" means to be messed up on Xanex "bars." Bars are the most potent of Xanex pills in front of blue and purple "footballs." Usually you drink on them and get really fux0rdz.
maaaaaaaan i got barred out last night and backed my truck into a headshop and i dont even remember it
by eric October 15, 2004

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