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A musical composition in three movements, with two sets of instruments, one larger than the other. Typically a concerto has a solo instrument play with an orchestra.
Examples of concertos are Bach's Italian Concerto in F major (for Harpsichord) and Elgar's Cello Concerto in E minor.
by carpo August 22, 2004
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Explains how a man eats out a dyme at a concert, usually a rap concert 4sho.
Yo mah nucca Dev gave a concerto to that dyme at the Avirl Lavigne concert. One.
by KC Dizzle March 23, 2005
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(1) Resident Crazy on #ocremix
(2) Anti-ChanServ Activist.
* Concerto beats ChanServ senseless.
by Kai August 21, 2003
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