How dumb people (usually posting in online personals) spell "caucasian". Usually, white men or women trying to exclude nonwhites. The term is often misspelled because these people think it's unlikely that "asian" to be contained inside a term meaning "white people".
between the ages 25-35. have a pic to share .. Have a job. Be caucasion.(NO forgein guys looking to get a greencard) And dont be some pervert looking to get his rocks off. (there is a section for you. its called casual encounters). Must have a good sense of humor and be able to make me laugh. and i am not asking for mr right now. so please spare me. ....
by corytz January 8, 2006
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That woman shut the conversation down so quickly with her remarkable caucasity!

Oh, the caucasity of this is too much!
by SigmundFeud June 21, 2017
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The audacity of a Caucasian person. Typically said after a white person has done something stereotypical to their race.
"He blamed me for the robbery... the caucasity."
by factcurate January 30, 2021
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1. storming the capitol and being upset when the same cops whose boots you licked all summer are the same boots kicking you in the face
2. thinking your whiteness means rules don't apply to you then being shocked when VIOLENTLY reminded rules do in fact apply to you
“Can you believe she really didn’t think she was gonna get shot for not complying with federal authorities? The caucasity!”
by lexigeo January 9, 2021
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It means the audacity of a Caucasian (Caucasian+audacity).
"The caucasity of Taylor Swift to let her streaming service return the same night when Katy Perry's album is set to be released!"
by Ratchetitis June 9, 2017
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"the act or activity of a white person engaging in white people shits "
Also referred to white people white peopling OR
The audacity of a white person and their actions
There are nothing but cooking videos on fb ... salt & pepper only... again... the caucasity
by Reece taught me February 27, 2019
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