Any fat hand rolled, unfiltered joint or tobacco cigarette
Shit we're gonna get faded tonight, lets roll up that Becker
by Arube92 October 8, 2011
A verb that describes the act of lowering one's expectations for something in order to prevent against the disappointment of them not being met. It is derived from the popular TV sitcom of the same name (Becker) in which the titular character played by Ted Danson lived by a mantra of "no expectations, no disappointment." He would repeat that phrase to anyone who was attempting to get him to be more optimistic about something or just life in general, which was against his nature. He would also use the phrase to remind himself to lower his expectations when they were high.
Greg: Hey Luke tell Tom what happened to you last night
Luke: Ok
Greg: Tom this is the best story you will ever hear man.
Luke: Whoa, Becker your expectations a bit, it's not that good.
Tom: Beckered.
by Tom3457mofo April 28, 2014
A CBS sitcom that aired from 1997-2002 that starred Ted Danson as John Becker, an irascable, inner-city Bronx family-practitioner who is always irritated by something. His character is often bitter over the breakup of two marriages and steers away from long-term relationships as a result. His character is an atheist, cheap, stingy, a nicotene addict, drives a beat up clunker and lives in a mediocre apartment under a hooker. Becker found love in the last season with Chris (short for Christine), played by Nancy Travis. The two never got married. The show was cancelled in 2002 and in the last episode, Becker realized his own happiness.

Characters of the show:
Bob: a grungy, sleezy, lazy, pervert who resembles Fonzie from Happy Days and became Becker's aprtment supervisor in the last season. He has a crush on Reggie, the owner of the diner and his former classmate in high school.
Reggie: owned the diner next to Becker's office. Was the love interest of Bob. She is easily annoyed, desperate, sarcastic, lonely and bitter.
Margaret: the head of Becker's front office. She is a loving, harmonious, Christian woman who often advices Becker.
Linda: also works in Becker's front office. She is a bimbo, irrational, lazy and dates only convicts.
Jake: is blind and runs the newspaper stand in Reggie's diner. He is smart, analytical and sarcastic. Often close to Becker.
Chris: Becker's girlfriend in the last season who replaced Reggie as the diner's new owner. She is affectionate, compassionate and the only one who remotely understands Becker.
Becker was the only recent sitcom I actually enjoyed. Too bad it was cancelled without an official series finale.
by September 23, 2007
Becker is a TV show about a guy named Dr. John Becker who is bitter, lonely, pesimistic, rude, and funny as hell to watch. Becker's part is played by actor Ted Danson, (see also: Cheers; Sam Malone). He frequents a local cafe, the owner of which is played by actress Terry Farrell (see also: Deep Space 9; Jadzia Dax).
Did you catch that new episode of Becker last night?
Sure did, that guy Becker really cracks me up!
by DiGiTaLFDS May 18, 2005
A Becker is a complete mess. Most virgin males experiance a Becker during their first attempt at sex. It is a quick, frustrating and bizare experience that leaves the female feeling confused and humbled.
Jane: How was your date with Scott?
Jill: I was Beckered last night.
Jane: What happened?
Jill: Well, after 3 minutes of sex in the wrong hole while he drooled on my back and blew ass, he flipped me over, punched me in the face, then forced himself to throw up on my tits. After it was over, he said "that'll be $5."
by Hayden High June 17, 2008
a person who says dumb stuff. can have a big cold sore. Is funny without trying to be funny
A conspiracy theorist who believes that Glenn Beck, the Conservative commentator, is a rapist and murderer, based on a viral blog posting that gave the name of a 1990 child rapist and murderer as Glenn Beck. Of course, it's not the same Glenn Beck that exposed Van Jones as an admitted Communist and 9/11 'Truther', but try telling the Liberal rodents that.
Glenn Beck: "Van Jones is an admitted Communist and 9/11 conspiracy theorist." {Evidence is produced.}

Van Jones: "Yeah, um.... well.... Glenn Beck is a rapist! Yeah, and... and a murderer!" {No evidence.}

Barack Obama: "It's still Bush's fault."

American viewer: "What a Becker."
by Rorschach348 September 4, 2009