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any guy doing any activity with a hard cock and their pants/shorts down to your ankles.
dude I love bootlegging, it's so freeing. basketball shorts are comfortable to wear but dropping them down to your ankles is even better.
by boot leg ;P March 10, 2015
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bootlegging can be a verb to describe the way you fucked a girl. bootlegging can also be the verb to describe anything you do sexually related with boots on and your shorts down to your ankles. bootlegging can also be referred to fucking a girl the same way bootleg the pornstar from ghetto gaggers fucks girls.
dude I was bootlegging so hard in my car today. meaning my shorts were down to my ankles with my cock out. or dude I was bootlegging her so nicely. meaning I was fucking her like the slut she is with no mercy
by boot leg ;P March 10, 2015
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A slooter that just wont stop trying to hang out.

A chick that just doesn't understand you don't text her back because she is an annoying slut.

A whore trying to become part of the NHT revolution. When all men know woman are not invited
So that Kylie chick is bootlegging the crap outta me. Its like I have honey stuck to my balls and shes the bear! we need to get some NHT tonight! pronto
by thatoneguy5000 March 26, 2010
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