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1) n: One who is emphoric.
2) n: One who sees the future by shmagoiganning a person in order to gain access to their emphoric powers. See also shmagoigan
3) Adj: The state of emphoricness.
4) n: One who can summon fetusses to do his/her bidding.
5) Adj: Fetus-like.
6) Adv: Of forming and throwing fecal matter as ninja stars.
7) V: Throwing crap like a hippo.
1) You are emphoric!
2) I went to see the emphoracle.
3) You are emphoric!!! Woot!
5) You emphoric fetus.
6) I am emphoracley emphoracleizing you.
7) I Emphoracling you!
by Eric September 28, 2004
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Epartar is a cricket team located in Danville. Pretty good if you ask me. About 20 people on the team. AKA: Cricket Club of Danville or CCD
I am on the cricket team Epartar
by Eric January 20, 2005
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Anyone who's name starts with an E and only wants to listen to rock after getting completely hammered.
Man, E-rock rode in my car last night after we hit up some bars and it was nothing but Archenemy and Megadeth for the rest of the night.
by Eric May 4, 2008
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Alcholic drink that killed my brother Jo-Jo.
Noooooo! Jo-Jo!!!!!!
by Eric January 7, 2005
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Term used primarily in online arcade-style shooter games to describe an enemy whose skill leaves something to be desired.
OMG JIMBO U R SEW EZ!!!!! etc.
by Eric December 1, 2003
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Ed's hands were strong because he had ambedextriophyxtosis.
by Eric December 5, 2003
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One who can fix anything. A handyman but better. A real problem solver
This engine is all fucked up. It won't run no matter what I try to do to fix it. We need a real toolbox to figure it out.
by Eric January 28, 2005
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