438 definitions by Eric

Another rapper that drove rock into the ground thanks to MTV. Not sexy or hot. Just plain sucks.
10000 thumbs down but do I give a fuck?You whiny bastards got my last one deleted.
by Eric February 16, 2005
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the big greese-ball in the sky
Luigi went to the pizza hut after the mob tasted his pizza.
by Eric August 26, 2003
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Tobeat someone senseless, preferrably with a stick...
Because Terry was acting so belligerent and stupid, I had to mollywop him.
by Eric July 18, 2003
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something a gay person would call you
Hey boy come over to my house some time and suck my wang.
by Eric November 17, 2003
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She was completely froken.
by Eric February 5, 2003
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A baggie full of fake or really bad weed sold to ignorant kids in the suburbs. When smoked, causes nothing but stress cuz you won't get blazed.
Don't give me that cheap stress sack, give me the real weed.
by Eric April 3, 2004
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