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A very useful sound when it comes to expressing how you feel, a sound of happyness!!! :)

Also another out take of the word woop is woot!!! also very handy
" How Are you?"
"Im great"


"wooooop i just got a new phone"
by Zoe And Jess April 25, 2006
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almost like woot but cooler to the 2nd degree. A refreshing alternative to the overused gamer slang
omg guys I talked to a girl today, woop!
by t3ch July 17, 2004
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When something back happens and u cant take it back.. often replaced by "oh shit!" "i fucked up" or "oops"
woops, the condom broke..
by Sum chick frum Nav-City May 15, 2004
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U.S. Naval Academy slang, when referencing a West Point (U.S. Military Academy) Cadet.
The woops always lose the Army-Navy game. GO NAVY...BEAT ARMY!
by MID08 December 01, 2004
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the most pointless and annoying word in existence. it has no basis in reality. It is not a REAL noise.
"Idiot #1's Facebook status:
Insert name of one of your less gifted facebook friends is going to make a mess of herself and her friends at the Carling Academy. woop woop!!!!!"

"I f***ing hate people who go woop woop"
by laskarman December 04, 2008
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