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When you are attempting to get close to a girl and your buddy won't leave the room or starts telling less than flattering stories of you that cause you to lose an opportunity with your new female acquaintance.
Sara was sitting on the couch in the living room, Eric had been talking with her all evening, the party was over, Eric was attempting to get close to Sara but David wouldn't leave the living room even though he kept nodding off.
by eric December 8, 2004
Dolespank was amazing last night after the movie.
by eric August 18, 2003
The act of getting kicked out of school for a certain number of days.
Eric drank of fuckload of captain morgans and came to school and got suspended. What a dumbfuck!
by eric January 7, 2005
Something you have to do EVERY night after school when you should be goofing off watching Spongebob Squarepants or looking at porn on the internet!
Homework: Something that you should do to not make your brain look like a baby boy's penis.
by eric June 10, 2004
1.guys who put on enough pads to usaully keep themselves alive play on professional teams and get paid alot of money,who still get injured

2.people who play football for fun with or without pads because we think its fun and we love the game,were not all jocks either
1.terrel owens went to play in the superbowl after breaking his ankle

2.me and my friends who play for the hell of it
by eric February 26, 2005
One of the most underrated QBs of all time. Played for the Philadelphia Eagles most of the time but also had stints in Minnesota, Dallas, and Baltimore before retiring.
The closest he ever came to a Super Bowl was in 1998, when he led the Vikings to a 15-1 season. The team made it to the NFC Championship but they were beat in a heartbreaking game that ended in an OT field goal to the Falcons. Randall Cunningham never played quite the same afterwards.
by eric October 2, 2007
The title one receives, when, he can please two women simultaneously while playing a Mozart piano concerto. One must be extremely coordinated and limber. can also aply to a woman
Hey, look at Steve play all those arpeggios, eat that bitch and toe-fuck that oriental under the piano! What a Becker!
by eric December 7, 2004