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Greatest show ever!!!!! MUCH better than SNL which isnt funny anymore.
Bekki:Did you watch Madtv last night?
Becky:Yeah it was so funny
Beckee: i know
by eric March 06, 2005
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A mother (including mother in lesbian and gay relationship) fucker. Someone who fucks a mother.
You crazy ma fucker. You know what that ma fucker said to me. Mom - Hey little Billy, wanna be a ma fucker?
by eric June 17, 2006
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A human being who 'fucked' a mother. (The mother can be a man if homosexual). Ma Fucking is the thing to do. No man or woman is complete without a nice Ma Fuck-ing.
Hey Timmy you little Ma Fucker. I fucked Sandy making me a Ma Fucker. You crazy Ma Fucker.
by eric June 17, 2006
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A shitty county in which all juvenile delinquents are royally fucked when they turn 18. Run by a fucking nazi Joe Arpaio, he loves to see inmates run around in pink underwear and enjoys jailing them in shitty tents in a shitty desert. Police there have nothing better to do than break up parties and Indians sit at bus stops and bitch all day about random shit.
Maricopa County is run by a bunch of fucking nazi's.
by eric April 11, 2006
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this is a band from new england somewhere, theyre hard to describe but they call their genre "astral metal".theyre on a label called dark symphonies.quite nice
by eric October 22, 2003
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A large freakin' wave out in California. I'm talkin about massive Like 3-4 stories tall. But smaller than a tsunami.
Surfers dream of catching that perfect maverick.
by eric April 10, 2005
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