242 definition by Emily

roofis means pimp, honestly roofis is so cool it blows everyone away
I saw roofis, i druled..
by emily January 19, 2005

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Bangin' (banging) 'verb'
1. engaging in sexual intercourse
2. Being cool, or acceptable.
Def 1. "Did you know charlie and jessi wer bangin'?"
Def 2. "Dude that purse you got is bangin'!
by Emily November 09, 2004

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The acronymn for a song by Phish, a popular jam band that doesn't usually have songs featured on the radio, as they are too long. The song is titled "You enjoy myself" and is 9 minutes, 50 seconds as a studio-recorded single. It has only a few lines of lyrics, which have been deliberated over by many generations of Phish phans. The lyrics appear to be "Boy. Man. God. Shit... Wash uffize, drive me to Firenze." Uffize is rumored to be something similar to "your feetsies" and "Firenze" is a region in Italy. Legend has it that when Phish was in Italy, they were splashing around in a fountain, perhaps leading to the second verse of this song.
It is a classic song played by Phish at many concerts, originally on the 1988 album "Junta".
Man, the live YEM at the concert last month was ten times better than the studio version.
by Emily June 03, 2004

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1. Abbreviation for freak without warning, from the 2 Live Crew song, "Me So Horny". 2. An individual who seems normal and then shortly after getting to know him/her, he/she busts out as a total weirdo. 3. A freakshow.
She seemed ok when we met at Speed-dating last week, but then when we out to dinner she was a total FWOW.
by Emily October 22, 2003

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to drive around with your friends in the country smoking pot
hey you guys, wanna go on a country cruise?
by emily March 24, 2005

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a girl who goes out with a guy just because of his car, not because he is hot ect. Car whores are usually found in Civics or Integras that have fart cans and a park bench spoiler.
Gosh, I am such a car whore
by Emily August 11, 2003

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Someone who is tan, sexy, and has some interesting friends...has been around(the streets by marymount that is, during x-country)
everybody wants to be a Locher!
by Emily December 03, 2004

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