They're the best boyband in the world. They're irish lads who have done amazing work in the past 10 years.
People tend to dislike them because other people do. At least their fans are original and don't let other people influence them.
With 14 number 1's, the phenomenon that is Westlife has still do this day continued to break records and win many awards.
People who slate them are unbelieveably JEALOUS.
"Whos talented irish and sexy"
by westlifefan4life July 19, 2008
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Wtf. If you hate Westlife so much, why post a thing on them? LOL. Get a life, seriously.

Anyway, they can't be that bad, if they've had 14 number ones, and have stayed around for 10 years. And obviously are going to stay around for much longer. You don't have to listen to them. And, some people go a bit too over the top, saying that they can't sing and are the worst Irish people ever. WTF? They are genuinely nice people, and it's good fame hasn't got to them. They are normal, down to earth people, so get the fuck over yourselves. And.. "they cant sing".. Wtf! They CAN sing. Have you even heard them live? It sounds like the actual CD! And before you say anything, NO they don't mime, because you can tell, when you go to see them live.

And, you need to get over the fact that they've got further in their lives, than you ever will! You just sit here on the internet posting about shit you hate.
Joe bad mann: Omg i hate westlife init. itz all bout 50 cent n eminem monn.. n soulja boyyyy ! DONT MESS!

Me: Haha. And we care, WHY? You don't have to listen to them. Go listen to your rap shit.
by Mong101 June 12, 2008
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Irish band!
Loads of people love
Loads of people hate!
Got a massive fan base all over the world
Thing is though even if you don't like em!
they are 1 of the best bands, 13 number 1's
8 years together
recrod of the year about 4 times!
Bands never stay around thatlong anymore!
even more wen band member left! they didnt split like other bands!
Westlife, One of the best bandsgoing off records and time together Ever!
by Leanne<3 August 23, 2006
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One of the best bands to grace the musical industry for many years. Very popular, great singers, great performers. One of THE best selling UK bands since The Beatles.
Westlife have made pop history by becoming the second act to have seven consecutive singles at the top of the UK chart.
This feat has only been equalled by The Beatles during their Beatlemania heyday in the 60s.
by nicolapee May 15, 2006
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The scourge of the music industry. A disgrace to the Irish people who rake in money and aren't paying tax because our backwards government gives them an exemption under a law allowing "artists" to get away with not paying up.
Westlife came on the radio, so half the room blew their brains out.
by Snake January 28, 2006
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Me: Hey look, it's Westlife.
Dog shite: I'm offended.
by Nimic March 17, 2006
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Grateing teen pop boyband from Ireland who are the countries final revenge on the U.K for all the shit thats been done to them over the years.

In secret deal between the governements of both countries in late 2005 Ireland offered to take them back and promised put them beyond further use in exchange for the handover of N.Ireland as well. Sadly talks failed after the British demanded that they also take back Ronan Keating & Graham Norton, an offer the Irish Government regarded as 'Totally Unacceptable'.
'Would you like to listen to Westlife?'

'No thank you. I would rather be raped to death by a H.I.V positive cheesegrater.'
by El B@stardo February 15, 2009
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