A Kiri is one of the best friends to have. She is kind, and caring, and loving, and very smart, even if she sometimes acts goofy and impulsive. She’s one of the nicest girls you’ll ever meet at heart. She is tall and likes to play basketball, and has lots of friends who love her for her. If you meet a Kiri consider yourself extremely lucky but get ready for lots of random poems and puns, and some really good stories too, because Kiri loves to write. She will love you for who you are as long as you do the same.
“why are you so happy?”
“Oh, I just talked with Kiri.”
Oh that makes sense.”
by R.W April 29, 2018
The upcoming god of this era
Brace yourselves and bow down to Kiri.
by 2 cool February 18, 2006
to be incredibly cool, gorgeous, and basicaly fantastic.
Wow she's such a Kiri.
by kaysteb......... December 1, 2006
Like a dick, sometimes is similar to words "Fucking" or "Bloody" in daily english conversation but generally means terrible or disgusting.
Another kiri day! = Another fucking day!
by Steve Burn October 14, 2009
Kiri is a bright beautiful person.
He loves to put others first even if it means he ends up sad & hurt in the end.
Kiri is a fattie bum
Kiri has a bright personality & is a mummys boy😂
He understands your feelings but not your four word sentences 😂
kiriiii has such a warm heart🥺

& is very cute😂 & gorgeous but he is gae

he tends to give up very easily On himself but not on others which is rather confusing😂
Hes a good boy & deserves a girl who can give him Unconditional love & light Becauseee he deserves happiness

kiri has a baby face that you j wanna kiss all over HAHAHAHAHAHAH Um um kiri is always first to apologise in any argument even if hes right🥴
kiri has cute wolverine hair😂 & a cute little nose that he thinks is big but its not

Kiri got cake thicker than nicki
by tokosiana May 12, 2020
Persian Word that comes from Kir , means :

Worst , Boring , Annoying , Stupid .

Depends on the sentence .
This movie is so Kiri

His voice is so Kiri .

Her face is so Kiri.

Mondays are Kiri.
by Hippogryph Rider April 7, 2019