Like a dick, sometimes is similar to words "Fucking" or "Bloody" in daily english conversation but generally means terrible or disgusting.
Another kiri day! = Another fucking day!
by Steve Burn October 13, 2009
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Japanese word for mist or fog. Sometimes heard in the anime Naruto as the name of a Hidden Village.
Hoshigaki Kisame, Zabuza, Haku and Suigetsu are from Kirigakure
by Su-chan May 03, 2008
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just some colorful chick that's pretty sick, writes poetry, makes kandi, love dubstep and dirty house and always crushing on a guy that has the ability to take someone by the nipples and flip them over their shoulder. She's crazy awesome doesn't need drugs because she's naturally high :3 in fact the high is contagious, and people have reported cases of overdose just from standing next to her. she's always trying to come up with something funny to do. overall, she's the most caring person you'll ever come across. really sweet, happy, sexy, and great girlfriend material hahaha i know from experience she's super talented and you'll always have a good time with a kiri ;) if you ever meet her you'll like overdose with happiness- no joke.
Kiri: hayyou!!!! what's up??

Random person that just walked by: <3333333*passes out*

Kiri: omgosh!!!!! Ayo? don't die! here have some candie!!!!
by slyfox97 October 01, 2013
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