242 definitions by Emily

(n.) an interjection that can be used in almost any connotation
oh my gosh! shlee! i am so excited!
by Emily November 13, 2004
yea + yup = yeap
yeap i will do that for you!
by Emily October 2, 2003
Nobody had fun on Halloween because it was unmakefunofemilyish
by Emily October 29, 2003
1. Abbreviation for freak without warning, from the 2 Live Crew song, "Me So Horny". 2. An individual who seems normal and then shortly after getting to know him/her, he/she busts out as a total weirdo. 3. A freakshow.
She seemed ok when we met at Speed-dating last week, but then when we out to dinner she was a total FWOW.
by Emily October 23, 2003
this part of your elbow contains a very few nerves ableing you to pinch, bite, or even pierce it.
I can't even feeel a thigg! But your wenis is bleeding!
by Emily March 8, 2005
Newfie slang..a way of saying "so, whats your point"
"big deal"
"I dont care"
"My mother got me a goat"
" Now b'y"

"My friend holly is mentally retarded"
"Now b'y"
by Emily April 18, 2005
Plastic/metal/glass instruments placed over the eyes to block out harmful UV rays.

Celebrities use them to diguise themselves as normal people. Normal people use them to digsuise themselves as celebrities.
"Check out the new sunglasses I bought! They protect my eyes while making myself appear to be rich."
by Emily December 24, 2004