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A partener who licks a hairy vogina
i caught the two lesbians carpet bumping in the bathroom stall at burger king!
by Emily March 14, 2003
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A grocery store employee whose job is to corral shopping carts from the parking lot into a designated cart area. Their jobs are rather harsh, especially in areas with extreme climates.
Mike is a cart wrangler over at Publix. Sucks for him.
by Emily June 19, 2006
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a girl who goes out with a guy just because of his car, not because he is hot ect. Car whores are usually found in Civics or Integras that have fart cans and a park bench spoiler.
Gosh, I am such a car whore
by Emily August 11, 2003
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the belly "done-lops" over the belt
"look at that dude over there, he has a dunlop"
"check out the dunlop on that one"
"dunlop alert"
by Emily April 11, 2005
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The Spanish pop station that took over MD/DC's beloved HFS.

This word is a take off of the spanish word "The Sun"

It is often placed after the words "Fuck," "Damn" or any other obscenity.
Let's band together to destroy El Zol.
by Emily April 13, 2005
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Emala is the perfect combo. They're the Brainz and the Brawnz. If you ever meet Emala, it'll be the best day of your life.
Have a problem? Call Emala. Bored? Call Emala. Sad? Call Emala. Happy? Call Emala. Need a good laugh? Call Emala.
by Emily May 12, 2021
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An Emalee is a blonde chick who likes accomplishing things. A little too competitive at times. VERY pretty and athletic with extremely long legs. She tends to be very smart, really kind and caring, very helpful, willing to do anything for a friend. Emalee's are very tall with long limbs. She tends to be shy around people before she gets to know them. Emalee is a talker. A LOUD talker. An Emalee loves being outside whether she's hiking in the mountains or walking along the beach. You'll rarely find an Emalee sitting still doing nothing. She's always down to try new things. Emalee's have a wide range of interests and enjoy doing a variety of things. She has a bubbly personality and she'll never let anyone notice if she's having a bad day.
Me - Woah did you see that tall girl over there?

My friend - Oh that must be Emalee, Emalee's are very tall and lengthy.
by Emily April 26, 2021
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