A good person is a person who fulfils the following three criteria:

1. Enjoys a happy, satisfying, and fulfilling life within their ability.

2. Promotes happy, satisfying, and fulfilling lives for those that they care about within their ability.

3. Does not prevent others from living happy, satisfying, and fulfilling lives within their ability, but also within reason.
Veronica is a good person because she enjoys her time doing ballet, makes her friends laugh by playing with cups, and doesn't insult others without reason.
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Stuart is a good person. He still cares about going to school after recovering from his mental disorder.
by Ereck Flowers August 23, 2017
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is used when there is a silence between two people, and they look at each other. they will point their index finger toward each other and say "you're a good person"
In a conversation:

Dino Emilio Gutierrez is a good person, he told me i was so i said it back.
by garcskittles August 30, 2010
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something you need get a gf/bf. no matter how good you look, if you got a terrible personality, no one will want you
guy one: do you think shes hot?
guy tow: yeah, but she has the personality of a brick wall
guy one: so? she's hot
guy two: so is my coffee but i aint datin it
guy one: good point.
guy two: yup. only conceited sluts say good personality is for ugly people.
by SexyLexie March 16, 2007
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A person of which can only be considered fulfilling, entertaining and meaningful in the eyes of a particular person. Enslave yourself so that you can only be of value to one person, and thus the surrounding crowd will possess no further need to blame you for your actions, for you are a slave. For one person do you live, and for one person do you die.
I can't blame Seraj for being a good person, since he's not MY good person!
by XX_asswipe December 12, 2021
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a good person likes ducks, doesn't poor, says "bone app the tits" often, is a true queen, and doesn't disrespect people's music taste (except for country music)
"my best friend loves ducks"
"are they a good person"
"duh. they like ducks!"
by coryn the good person October 6, 2022
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Nice way to say someone is ugly.
Person1: So how does she look?
Person2: She has a good personality.
Person1: She looks that bad?
by Ed Luve March 16, 2004
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