random person: omg your little sister is so cute!
me: are you kidding?! she's a fucking horrible goat!
by a genderfluid person May 11, 2020
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She has the power to annoy her family, and is very proud about it. She is usually the one breaking the dishes and knocking down cups, and talking back to her parents. Although she may be clumsy, she is very intelligent. They usually have the stereotype to be the troublemaker and the least responsible in the family.
My little sister broke my nails!
My little sister stole my attention.
by 20yo202002 December 27, 2014
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Girls who hang around a fraternity in hopes of finding a boyfriend/husband. Usually they find neither but end up geting fucked by numeroius members of the fraternity.
I hope this semester we get some new little sisters!
by yo mama September 16, 2003
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the one that made your life HELL for years
hey, I really like your little sister
by Friday the fortnut November 5, 2018
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the most annoying little losers in the world who look up to you and wont stop leaving you the fuck alone!
little sister follows you tell her to fuck off, wont stop tell parents older sibling gets blame.
by J'aDoRe JUiiCY September 25, 2006
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annoying little person who interupts a couple while they are trying to fuck without getting caught by the parentals in the next room
His damn little sister keeps taking away my "me time".
by S.S.13A303 February 26, 2005
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The person in your life that always get you in trouble, and when try to get them in trouble YOU get whipped. They took your attention, but you try not to care. They
Me: Ow
Friend: Did you get whipped?
Me Yep
Friend: What did you do?
Me: You mean what my Little Sister did?
Friend: OHHH.
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