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The condition of having left or abandoned someone or someplace, often abruptly, under difficult or unpleasant circumstances, and with the implication of not intending to come back. Colloquial misspelling of "ran off." The term is derived from the movie O Brother, Where Art Thou, in which an rather unlearned character wishes to convey to other characters that his wife left him but does not wish to say so aloud in front of his son.
Mrs. Hogwallop done r-u-n-n-o-f-t.
by Edward January 06, 2004

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Humping someone with your clothes on.
Joe costa was dry humping scott just last night.
by Edward March 04, 2003

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Ok, good, no problems. Origin from the Lensman series by E.E. Smith.
"You have any problems?" "No, I'm QX with that"
by Edward March 24, 2003

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Contraction of the greeting "What's up?" which is a contraction of "What is up?" If you're really pressed for time, greet someone with a "sup"?. In any case, the greeter is rhetorically asking you what is going on in your life. Roughly synonymous with hello but less hip.
Hipster1: Wussup?
Hipster2: Nuttin'.
Hipster1: Word.
Hipster2: Word is bond.
by Edward January 06, 2004

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A female although brunette displays frequent bursts of typical blonde behaviour. Thus arises then comparison with the colour structure of a crunchie bar - brown outside and blonde within.
Jo - a brown haired girl - received a message from her mother telling her not to ring because she was under the dryer. On awakening to find this message, Jo promptly headed to the laundry where she observed that her mother was not under the clothes dryer, but at the hair dresser.

This is an example of a brunette displaying blonde behavioural characteristics.
by Edward August 16, 2003

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to touch with finger or other object briefly and then pull away (verb)
Playing pass-the-poke involves poking people in circles.
Gangpoking involves many people poking one person.
by Edward June 17, 2003

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coolest dude. ever. hey jude
Whoa! Krapple is so cool!
by edward March 21, 2005

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