A species of human that gets belligerently drunk and fucks shit up. Usually breaks valuable things, and does not give a fuck about it. This species is constantly getting kicked out of parties, getting slapped in the face, and degrading women.
Dude this weekend I got so fucked up, I kicked in a car window, punched a glass shower door, and gizzed in a girls eye. I totally pulled costa.
by pack a fatty November 12, 2010
Dude, stop the car I'm about to Costa all over my pants.
by R 2.0 September 15, 2009
Dude, stop by a bathroom - I'm about to Costa all over my pants!!
by R 2.0 September 14, 2009
omg, hes soooooooo hottttt
omg i so want to fuck costa alll nite1!!!!!!!!
by Jamie T December 10, 2004
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* The MOLE bearer *
* * * * * * * * * * *
Ahhhhhh.....MOLE! Molely moley moley moley moley moley moley moley moley moley moley......MOLE....MOLE!
by Chu April 10, 2005
if you never met a "costas", you probably should be a blessed. if you do know a costas, you are very aware of how gay and pathetic they are. costas' usually like to brag about their lifestyle when it is pretty shitty and brag about their money. their parents most of the time wish they haven't had them and probably wanted a girl instead of a "costas". if you ever encounter one, please visit a doctor to help with suicidal thoughts.

they tend to wear ugly ass neon nike shoes that are outdated and make you want to rethink living. on the other hand, theyre occasionally "smart" but on the outside, they act autistic and fucking dumb as shit.

costas' likes to brag about their love also. despite the fact, they really never talk to their partner. their relationships usually last for maximum 2 days.

costas' have huge egos and like to "roast" people when they clearly haven't seen themselves

lastly, costas' are very sexual and would probably never get laid and die as a virgin.

person 1: are you dating a costas?
person2: yes, i love him!
person 1: you should reconsider living and fuck off you dumb bitch

another example:

person 1: did i just hear a roast from a costas?
person 2: yes, it sucks dick
person 1: i wish these dumb ass costas would stop breeding
by thatcockyboybitch455 December 30, 2016