A sexual act where during a 69 the woman sucks the man off and puts her nose in the guys arse
I was 69ing Sue the other night and she gave me a dandy!
by Tommytwank May 6, 2021
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Someone you desperately want to be with forever and but circumstances don’t allow it. This is usually because of distance between you or requirements from other priorities like school or work.
She’s always travelling for her job, she’s just my dandie.
by AirTriangle October 29, 2018
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1. A man who takes great care with his clothing and general appearance, especially one who is nonchalant in demeanor and (historically) tries to develop aristocratic hobbies, language, and honorable ideals. (See also fop)

2. A flamboyant or effeminate male, regardless of sexual orientation. (See also metrosexual and flamer)

3. Outstanding in its particular class; splendid. (Often used sarcastically)

4. A charming androgynous person of either gender. (See also gender bender)
A proper dandy dresses with dignity, unlike fops who are foolish and vain.

Ted: "Gosh, that guy is such a dandy."
Sue: "Well, flamboyance works for him."

Kate: "Are you okay? I know I keep asking..."
Rob: "Yeah, I'm just dandy."

Jane: "Wow, look at that dandy over there!"
Sal: "Do you think it's a boy, or a girl?"
Jane: "Does it really matter? I thought you were bi."
by ThatMagpie January 12, 2010
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When something is fine. It can't get any better.
"How are you doing Elz?"

"Why dude, I am just dandy thanks."
by eleanor kicks ass March 17, 2004
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David when he is eating ducks
Apple juice: Hey want to get some ducks
Dandelion: nonno remember how David gets

David: excuse me

Apple juice: oh right he gets dandis
by ryan_schenk May 23, 2019
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Used widely in late 20th Century England. Refers to men who consider themselves to be arbiters of culture and refinement and wit. Often considered effeminate and/or overtly flaming. Most likely sexually aroused by other men, but not always. Similar to today's metrosexual. For example, most of Oscar Wilde's plays contain dandies, and Oscar Wilde himself is perhaps the most famous example of a dandy.
Oscar: "There is only one thing in the world worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about."

Mary Jane: "Oh, Oscar, you're SUCH a dandy!"
by Manú P. February 25, 2005
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