A state of mind which is about caring a lot about formalities, often more than necessary. One may be called pedantic when he/she points out corrections in unimportant details.
Okay okay, so there were five people there instead of four, no need to be pedantic. Now anyway...
by Fluid February 5, 2004
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The nitpickery of the english language that drives the less detail oriented insane...often mistaken as a tool to impress others when in fact it is annoying
I love it when you dominate our conversations through critiquing my word usage and completely avoiding the central arguments, you pedantic fuck.
by Left of write February 15, 2008
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Ostentatious regarding one's intelligence. Using this word also makes you this word.
Bob: I find the professor's voice mellifluous and her logic trenchant, even if a bit pedantic.

Jim: I find YOU a bit pedantic.
by bulldog4574 March 2, 2010
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Pointing out unnecessary minutiae in order to call attention to one's pretentiousness.
I suppose you can forgive them because part of their job is paying attention to detail, but you best be pedantic as fuck if you want to fit in on an engineering team.
by Coopuh Troopuh December 7, 2016
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Showing one's intelligence more than is necessary.
David Pearce could be pedantic if he so chose.
by Larstait November 16, 2003
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someone who does things "by the book" to an extent that it overrides intuition
that's one bad teacher, she's so pedantic
by spliffsmoker August 7, 2011
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A tendency toward involuntary discovery of evidence suggesting widespread ignorance and/or ineptitude, esp. with regard to linguistic communication.
There were days when Lisa's instinctive pedantry threatened to overwhelm her.
by Marquis Francois X. de Marzipan February 22, 2004
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