Lucy is a female name who the first time you meet her she will seem quiet and shy but then when she gets into her comfort zone she is out of control . She has big dreams and can see what she wants in the future. She appears tough but she can also be very soft when needed. She can be hurt easily but tries not to show it. For most of their life they will usually be quite small but when she becomes a teenager she will grow quite rapidly. She has her few best friends and then her other close friends. She cares for others especially her friends and would stay up all night taking to her friends on the phone. She is sociable even if it’s just in her phone. She can find some situations awkward but she always manages to break the ice. She is adventurous and would love to travel the world.
Lucy: I want to travel the world and see places!
by Fdsjh September 9, 2018
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Lucy is one of the most unique and powerful people you’ll know. She has so many sides to her. Always putting a smile on her face for everyone. Even though she struggles with anxiety and depression. She truly has the best intentions for everyone around her. She’ll do anything to please you. Although she has a huge heart, she has lots of trust issues and is very scared of being hurt. Usually Lucys have a very small circle of close friends; like 2 or 3. They are very friendly though to everyone! Lucy’s just take awhile to really trust someone. Lucy is very beautiful but she really never believes it. Lucy is super insecure. She has a body that many people would kill for. She is approached by many guys, but never ends up in relationships because of her trust issues. But when she does get in a relationship, it lasts for a long time. Lucy is very intelligent and can carry really good conversation. She is the type of person you can stay up 3 am talking about politics and conspiracy theories. All Lucy does is dream. She wants to accomplish so much in her life. She wants to attend college, get a PhD, skydive, travel the world, swim with sharks, anything that seems like an adventure. You’ll laugh your head off with Lucy as a companion or friend. Lucys are really the coolest girls. They’re straight up wild once you get to know them.
Lucy just got back from a trip from Africa. I’m so jealous!
by balinooker November 2, 2018
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Lucy is someone who is beautiful inside and outside. A great friend. She never fails to make you smile and to make you feel happy. She understands you. She is always here for you. You can say, without a Lucy in your life you're nothing.
"I need a Lucy in my
by amolap_hems October 4, 2015
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A Lucy is the most prettiest, most talented person you will ever meet. She's subtle and can sing like angels. She may not always talk to you, but you can always count on her. She's super intelligent and does not use it to boast. A Lucy is caring and you might not know it, but cares for you. She is stylish and is great with make up. She's the kind of person who will look at the stars with you and text you all night long. She is a great artist and is pretty when she least expects it. She'll never cheat on you and you can tell right away if she thinks you're nice.
OMG she's so pretty, she must be Lucy.

Did you see her clothes?! They're totes gorgeous, she's totally a Lucy.
by peanut butter banana December 12, 2014
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A girl who cares for everyone, even if you've hurt her. She is one the best kinda of people to talk to when your feeling suicidal, or depressed. She will always be there when you don't want her there, and she will always forgive the hurt. She is low on confidence and normal wallows in her sadness. She won't let many people in, but she will let 2 or 3 good friends in. Lucy is a sensitive girl who takes everything to personal. She hate people who assume the best of her before getting to know her. She an independent person who want to live on the wild side. Also she may slip into depression or suicide she will always bounce back for more without hesitation. When other people are upset or depressed she'll choose to rather help them than herself. She is always helping other more than she is to herself.
I wish I had a Lucy to talk to right now.

Where's Lucy I need help
by AsianQueen234 April 7, 2018
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A Lucy is one of the most amazing female person ever. She cares for others, she never gives up, clean, healthy, forever loving. She is hard-working and earns her way through life. She is not a back-stabbing person. She is not bad. She is not nasty. She is not a bully. A Lucy is a very quiet and gentle person.
Wow! I wish I had a girlfriend called Lucy! She's so perfect! She's never nasty or horrible to anyone!
by lucyy_babezz December 7, 2014
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Lucy is beautiful and talented although she doesn’t always know it. She has looks that others would die for but she hates them. She has an angelic singing voice and is very artistic. She is extremely loyal and would stay up all night texting you, she would even take all the time in the world to talk you out of suicide. Having a Lucy in your life is the best thing that could happen to you, but if she is upset you probably won’t understand. She keeps her problems to herself, thinking that she could hurt others if she talks about herself too much.
Lucy is a friend that you need in your life.
Girl: who’s that girl you were talking to
Boy: that’s my girlfriend. Her name’s Lucy

Girl: she’s really pretty
Boy: i know. She so kind and helpful too
by Cash_Baker_Lover June 2, 2019
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