Total Compensation on an annualized, repeatable basis. Usually used in the context of compensation packages in the software industry with companies such as Google and Facebook.
Man did you hear new grad TC for Google went up to $170k? They're offering $115k base salary, $160k stocks over 4 years, 15% annual bonus and a $30k signing bonus on top of that.
by slendershark September 9, 2018
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I would like my TC to write me a tweet with my username
by joki325pr April 14, 2013
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Abbreviation for "Tactical Chunder". The process of chundering post-pre-lash and pre-club in order to ensure you see the night through to completion without being a wetter and going home early through sickness.
Just heading for a cheeky TC before we head out.
by trampchunder June 17, 2012
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The most exclusive yeshiva in Israel(500 applicants 50 acceptances), the people that TC rejects often make up the student body of other yeshivas such as Senters or Mercaz. Only the smartest, richest, and most desirable kids get in here. Known for having the best spiritual and most physical (ruchnias and gashmias) atmosphere (as well as nicest building/dorms) in the world.
That guy is sthark and cool must be from TC.
I really want to go to TC but I hear they are crazy exclusive.

He's rich and shtark he'll for sure get into TC.
by Mercaz alumnus August 22, 2019
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a phrase to descirbe something a man called Brian Carey did that is typical of him or his actions something he would do that is "Typical Carey"
carey shifted a bird the last night and took her jersey as he was leaving the following morning"

"sure thats TC"
by john conneely February 22, 2012
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When it comes to pirated movies, TC is short for telecine.
These are the (likely pirated) svcd files for the movie "Meet the Fockers" captured via telecine by a group called TUN.

by inane5 February 8, 2005
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