1.One who dazzles at night and in clubs.
2.An intoxicating, yet entertaining specimen. Widely championed beyond his/her time. Boosts morale among others simply by presence alone.
I miss being on the Norwegian Dream with the rest of the dirty dozen dazzlers
by Patrick Sherf March 22, 2007
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A figure skater, male or female,who goes to public establishments, such as Target, dressed in outlandish clothing...for example, a bright purple skirt with hot pink maribou fur sewn at the bottom. He/She also enjoys Pole dancing, Swimming in fountains, and Interpretive Dance.
Girl # 1 to her friend: Look at that girls outfit! She must be a Dazzler!
Girl #2: Yes...She must have tripped over too many bumps and hit her head 1 too many times!
by Joanna Williams July 6, 2005
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A subscribed, fan or viewer of Daz Black a.k.a 'Daz Games' YouTube videos
How's it going Dazzlers. Welcome back to 'Daz Games' and another Daz Watches
by Nalyat July 20, 2022
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A Dandy, a showy homosexual, pedantic with fashion.
"Oh Honey you really are a Dazzler!"
"Thanks sweety"
by Edward December 10, 2003
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an extremely sexy person whom one might find at the zoo.
little girl: mom who is that girl by the dolphin exhibit wearing the short skirt and bikini top?
mom: don't worry, thats just a dazzler
by sheils July 6, 2005
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Quaint coloquial term from northern England pertaining to someone very special indeed, either through good looks or by simply wearing something fancy. Your daughter on her birthday might be termed a bobby dazzler, maybe even your missus on a night out if she scrubs up well enough.
"My, that Cathy bird's a reet bobby dazzler!"
by Barlos the Jackal November 25, 2003
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A fat chinned idiot that preys on tight fannyed young members of the opposite sex
Get that Bad Dazzler off my daughter
by Darren Mac Crossan November 6, 2010
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