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Part of 2nauti crew, Good friends with moyo.
by EMMA January 27, 2005
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Sad pathetic losers, who think they are Emos just because they made their parents buy them a pair of converses. They buy lots of albums such as Taking Back Sunday's and make sure everybody knows, so that they appear to be and emo and to be included in the scene. however they still buy their clothes from mark one, and were townie jeans and tops and don't understand at all what they are getting into. they think they're really cool, but the people who really are emos think they are sad and generally pity them.
WannabeEmo: Look at me!i'm a emo!

Emo: No your not, so shut up.
by EMMA March 27, 2005
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Colombian for 'scared'
Sra. Garcia: Dun't be escared to essplain yourself, in your next composition.
by EMMA July 28, 2003
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A thief (from Cavan, mean cavan bastards)
gareth game into the class and took emma's book but it was emma's, emma said gareth you tealeaf give me back my book i saw ya, ya prick
by EMMA October 19, 2004
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good, it , thinks there all that,
she finks shes all tonk but she's just a rudey wannabe
by EMMA December 24, 2004
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A sad soul who is being taken advantage of without realizing it
-Dude, I need a ride to the party.
-Ask (insert name here). He's a tool.
by EMMA February 16, 2003
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adj. A word made up by Emma one night whilst trying to describe the devastation that is Jen's bedroom.
Her bedroom is so messy, it's like a tornado hit it. We all have our tornadoey moments? or something?
by EMMA November 16, 2004
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