admit it, we all misspelled unknown wrong, right?
haxor: i am an unkown hacker and i will hack you for calling me a noob
grammar nazi: You forgot to capitalize the I's, forgot the period and lastly, you couldn't spell unknown right, you fucking idiot.
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somebody who’s really bad at spelling
hi guys 🤓🤓🤓🤓 i ventured into the unkown(his basement) to get something and there was a mouse.. it was ackward
by beet_s April 5, 2021
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<b>No one was able to understnad what I was saying because it was unkown.
by sss3d July 17, 2004
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The third biggest supplement of salt in the world just behind CSGO and Overwatch the depths of PUBG (player unknowns battle grounds) contains 12 year olds screaming that somebody is hacking and 40 year olds doing the same which fills salt levels to and extreme high
Terry:Have you every play player unkowns battle grounds?

Samantha: Yes thats why i have 90% more salt in my body than i should
by Spydter November 6, 2017
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He prob shirt idk, we don't know a lot bout him since he is unknown. Anyway, he likes to nut in forts, and his mom is alive
Reflx Unkown Is a @#&!#
by BruherFry September 9, 2021
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A really big fat green fish that died and we flushed it down the toilet. Krabby Patty was happy that he died...He probably killed him..we don't know yet, the case is still being reviewed.
Man, we should parts unkown that dude, he is really gayness.
by Krabibi Patiti December 29, 2017
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