Love opposes reason. Thats why many great things have come into existence, people overcame reason, ignored being called crazy, naive, stupid to create beauty, art.
If someone calls you naive for "loving" what you do, even "loving" somebody (definitions may differ greatly), keep on keeping on. Trust me, they might just envy the rock you possess.
There is an album called "Reine Vernunft darf niemals siegen". I never really listened to it or the band. But the title i always remembered.
by Couch sweet potato December 12, 2019
To be always recognized by those from your past; to have people remember you
They remembered me because of my great pranks.
by Merolls November 13, 2016
XXXTENTACIONs tattoo on the right side of his neck.
It means "remember who you are, where you came from, and stay in touch with your true self. Everything that's happened to you, your experience, is what makes you, you."
Remember to Remember is one of his tattoos.
XXXTENTACION has Remember to Remember tattooed on his neck.
by 420baller May 20, 2021
One of xxxtentacion tattoos.
Its on the right side of his neck
I think it mean to remember where you came from and how you evolved
1:Did you saw xxxtentacion tattoo
2:which one?
1:the one on his neck
2:the remember to remembertattoo
by Fanxxxtentacion February 5, 2019
i wish i could remember
by Ninj4 January 18, 2004
Opposite of 'Forgetful!'
Mark's more rememberful than me lately
by Shalroth May 31, 2005
remember remember, the 5th november, the gun powder treason and, I know of no reason for this gun treason, to ever be forgot.

#patriotic # american # fuck forigners
the best poem , remember remember
by McWigger January 23, 2017