The act of being amazing. To do as a Martha would do and be nice and kind to everyone, and be simply amazing!
That nice girl is using marthaness!
by skwirrlz September 25, 2013
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An amazing beautiful wonderful girl that is tough but sometimes she needs help for herself.She's sweet,funny,loveable,and anyone would be lucky to have someone like her in their life.She is a gift to the world and she will always make you smile even if you may be sad or mad.Be happy if you have someone like her.
"She looks beautiful"
"Her name is Martha"
by Thestormofdeath July 26, 2017
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Martha is a really good friend with amazing eyes that shine like diamonds. She is really sweet,caring, beautiful,fit, trustworthy and cute !!
by Cai in you’re English November 25, 2019
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Martha is very protective over her friends and never gives up she has a strong personality and never gives up, she never stops worrying and wants to help everyone who believes they should hurt themselves, she listens to you and never lets people believe that they are worthless, she is very friendly and is a tiny bit crazy.
'Martha is a crazy person but is one of my closest friends'
by Method June 4, 2019
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An amazing, funny, smart, beautiful girl who is not afraid to voice her opinion. She’s weird and wonderful and anyone with a Martha in their life is blessed.
Guy: “ Hey whose that pretty girl?”

Guy 2: “ She’s Martha and she’s WAY out of your league
by Meee 💖😇 October 23, 2019
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When Martha is angry she’s a formidable opponent. When she is happy she is the most selfless, beautiful, honest and caring individual. Anyone who has Martha in their life is blessed and should count themselves lucky. If there were more Martha’s in the world the world would be a happier and better place.
Martha is the queen of everything
by Mmmmmmnnnn December 28, 2018
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Martha is the literal definition of perfection and there are infinite things about her you can compliment. Her smile, her beauty, her personality, how west she is, how she is funny, only the best cheerleader out. When you look up perfection in a dictionary. A picture of Martha comes up. 😍😍😍😍.
Person1: you know martha
Person2: who’s that
Person1: oh my bad perfection
Person2: oh yeah she’s literally the best
by crazed_jj July 18, 2019
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