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the greatest high school in the country. no really, we really ARE better than you.
The Enloe student takes massive amounts of AP classes and has above average SAT scores.
by EB October 2, 2003
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This is what happens when you fart and you or someone in close proximity inhales the aftermath.
Drew farted and now Michael and Nathan have lungbung.
by EB September 10, 2004
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a used rubber valve from iceland containing 1 or more spoons used by idonesian football club left midfeilds servants monkey called melbert the gr8 who is son of halomasher who's great uncles brothers owners mothers brrother owns various mother badgers
omgt its a malagraba
by EB April 15, 2004
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a female that participates in bitchy, unfavorable, or lame activities. This term is usually used in jest to refer to your female friends that sre being party poopers or refers to an old bag you don't like. Hagatha can also be a term of endearment.
alright Hagatha, you've complained enough, get your clothes on, put a smile on, and come out with us!
by EB March 12, 2016
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her face. because she's ugly and hairy and stupid and smelly and a loser and a slut and is hated throughout eb.
by EB June 20, 2003
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to act pussylike, to be afraid to do anything worth doing or one who is a weakling, one who fears most things in life
Don't be a honeycutt, get on the stupid airplane!
by EB October 2, 2003
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the mark left when one presses one's unclean anus against the skin of another.
She knew she'd had a bit too much to drink when she woke up with a brown star on her forehead and an empty box of Franzia at her feet.
by EB August 18, 2003
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