Extremely bad. So terrible there's no other word to describe it.
"What I saw over there was just wrong!"
by QueenKid May 25, 2015
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What one says to oneself or to a companion upon seeing something perpetrated by another that is disturbing, distressing, or just plain nasty.
Person A: Oh my god ...
Person B: Dude, what is it?
Person A: There's a 300-pound girl in Daisy Dukes and a halter top across the street.
Person B: That's just wrong.
by Doctorjay September 8, 2010
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My friend, what you have just said is very strange and disturbing, in a bad way. I think you may require psychiatric help.
Bob: Everyone describe their ultimate sexual fantasy!
Fred: I want to be fucked by two dickgirls.
Sean: I wanna shag a dog.
Bob: Threesome with Victoria Beckham and Cher
Sean: Dude that's just wrong.
by Darth Ridley November 1, 2006
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just plain wrong: wrong without question, incorrect, not in line with the facts, does not match with reality, mistaken, strongly disliked.
1. Trying to correct a mistaken belief: "The idea that the moon is made of cheese is just plain wrong."

2. Correcting a social ill or faux paus: "Discrimination based on race is just plain wrong."

3. Stating a strong dislike for something subjectively: "That song is just plain wrong." or "That piece of art is just plain wrong."
by dogface82 December 7, 2013
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Wrong to the point where it is not even fuuny or interesting, simply ubelieveably wrong.
When Johnny hung himself, it was just plain fucking wrong
by Crazedman December 28, 2009
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Person: So what's her deal?
Colleague: Oh, she's afraid of long words.
Person: You know what we should call it? Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia!
Colleague: That's just wrong.
by ConsoleCoder February 19, 2023
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