abbreviation of 'where did' (past) or 'where do' (present/future) as a prefix to a question, arisen from slang or quickness of speech. Similar words are who'd, when'd, why'd, how'd, etc, with the relevant meanings.
where'd you get that suit?
where'd you want to go tomorrow night?
by Stephen Arnold February 26, 2007
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1. contraction of where did:

2. contraction of where would:
Where'd you go on your holiday?
Where'd you like to go?
by SandySh February 17, 2011
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A question posed by one lifelong St. Louis area native to another upon first meeting or after having recently met. The purpose is to learn if you and the other person have any mutual acquaintances.
Shelly: "Oh, you've lived in St. Louis all your life? Where'd you go to high school?"

Steve: "Pattonville"

Shelly: "Pattonville? Uh, let's see, do you know a guy named Mark Henderson?"
by Woody Thomas November 27, 2009
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When an image/video/meme is so relatable that you just can't help but see yourself in it. The joke is that even though you aren't in it, you could be given how much you relate.
*picture of someone being very uncool*
Comments: damn where'd you find that picture of me
by rollingburrito October 13, 2023
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