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Someone who cross-dresses, i.e dressing outside of gender. Sometimes done to look like a convincing member of the opposite sex ("passing"), sometimes not. Sometimes a secret, sometimes not. Nothing to do with sexuality. Not necessarily to do with desiring a sex change either.
I can't believe there is no definition for transvestite on urban dictionary! Now's my chance...

John: Why is Adam wearing a dress and a wig? Does he want to be a woman?

Carla: No, he's just a transvestite. He likes to cross dress.
by Fen_94 December 21, 2012
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A cross dresser. Most transvestites are NOT homosexuals, however.

Official definition from the American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language:

A person who dresses and acts in a style or manner traditionally associated with the opposite sex.
Joe is a transvestite, because he dresses like a girl.

Mary is a transvestite, because she dresses like a guy.
by Home slice August 18, 2005
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n. A transvestite is a man or woman who wears clothing of the opposite sex. Unlike the drag queen or draq king where the person is homosexual, a transvestite can be gay or straight.

Many tranvestites have a love of a particular type of clothing of the opposite sex, usually brought on by happy childhood memories of it.

*Not to be confused with the transsexual.
The transvestite down the street can always be seen wearing fluffy pink sweaters.
by pitoyable June 12, 2005
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A guy or girl wearing the opposite sexes clothing for pyciological reasons.
If girls can wear what guys can wear then guys should be able to wear what girls can wear! Everyone should be transvestites!
by cross dresser February 05, 2009
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What i like to do in my spare time. What I consider myself. It's a personal thing but It's more like a hobby to me. I put on make-up, women's clothes, stockings, jewelry, womens underwear and other items in order to look and feel more like a woman. It can be a turn on and is a kinky past-time for anyone intersted in the adventurous.
I love to dress up as a transvestite when i'm alone. I keep it a secret pasttime from my mom and brother.
by Mike Todd Rehmeyer February 10, 2008
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1. (obs) a person, especially a male, who adopts the manner and dress typically associated with the opposite sex for sexual gratification; a crossdresser. Not to be confused with a transsexual.
by ryanstk May 29, 2010
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