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men's lacrosse. as opposed to women's lacrosse. a violent and awesome sport.
"Gee, Tom, where'd you get that bruise on your face?"
"I got that playing deathball yesterday."
by EB October 02, 2003

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a female who sleeps around for weed, crack or alcohol.
he got berried out last night.
by EB April 01, 2005

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blazingly high
We got seriously cutty
by EB October 14, 2003

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to act pussylike, to be afraid to do anything worth doing or one who is a weakling, one who fears most things in life
Don't be a honeycutt, get on the stupid airplane!
by EB October 02, 2003

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Transvestite. Some escort services list them as TVTS or 'Transvestite/Transexual'
See www.eros.com. NASTY NASTY NASTY. That's just wrong.
by EB January 28, 2005

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Megan Cappella
her face. because she's ugly and hairy and stupid and smelly and a loser and a slut and is hated throughout eb.
by EB June 20, 2003

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Short for booger.
"There is a boo in my nose."

"Don't rub that boo on me!"
by eb April 05, 2005

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