Drink of the Gods. Designated to be the greatest drink of them all, by Dionysus the ancient greek god of wine, theatre, and crocs, Franzia has become world renowned for its elegant taste and almost imortal style of soul which few alcoholic beverages can even begin to rivil in terms of economic happenstance and awesomeness.

It is often regarded as customary to bring one's own box of select Franzia to fine meals when dinning out, such actions are thought to be the mark of the upper glass.
After hitting on a few hotties on the dance floor, Skeeter ended up bringing Yolanda back to his flat. Wanting to make an impression he devised a four course candlelight dinner. After untwisting the Franzia and pouring a few glasses, everything was tongue and cheek. They didn't make it past the appetizer.
by Bruce Finklestein Coolio March 16, 2007
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Shit, I only have 20 dollars to buy alcohol tonight.

No sweat, dude. Let's just buy Franzia red. We can get thoroughly trashed without breaking the bank.
by Dirty Magic November 18, 2011
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Not a very common name but a beautiful one. Franzias are always silly always happy and always fun to be around. Always help when down . Beautiful girl dude magnet let me say. Franzias can't fight for shit. But it's ok
by Babygirl!! September 27, 2018
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Nothing says "Get the hell out of my house" like a box of Franzia and a Styx CD.
by JenThe80'sFan July 27, 2004
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classic wine, comes in a box, get sunset blush flavor. 5 liters for 10 bucks and college girls love it and you can get drunk twice for 10 bucks
did you get the franzia and 20 sack?
by eachandeveryday December 3, 2004
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the act of holding a bag of franzia wine over your head and drinking as much as possible.
Greg's eyes beamed with accomplishment after finishing a 45 second Franzia Stand.
by Charles Rice June 27, 2006
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