An overhyped pink-haired waifu
by cow of wisdom December 13, 2020
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A character from Kirbo And the crystal shards that should make the game M for MWhy the heck is this in a kids game
Chad: “I beat 02 today”
Virgin: “BuT hE’s ToO sCaRy
by SpookyTheMimikyu June 5, 2022
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basic chemical formular of air
to recieve 02, is to be blanked, ignoored or "aired" by another person
owwwww blad, that girl just gave you 02
by mr majestic June 5, 2005
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a people who got feelings but She cant show it for others but sometimes she got NO FEELINGS at all
She is the 02 Girl right?
by cantfallinlove September 14, 2021
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Short for Digimon Adventure Zero-two, the second season of digimon adventure. Known for armor and jogress evolution, Vamdemon's third return, Black War Greymon's angst, and the infamous ending that put in couplings with virtually no evidence over ones that had a great deal of hintings.
The ending of 02 sucked. Sorato and Kenyako? I can think of three to five more likely pairings for each of the characters involved.
by birdboy2000 February 13, 2004
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