people dream of a love like ours

our souls are one

twin souls, we are

a divine & special love that's meant to be

love you 🌷❤ today, tomorrow, eternally

miss you 🌷❤ await - im-patiently to be held by you

333 🌷 you are my divine & special 3:33 ❤❤❤
by msg 4 u - my luv October 31, 2023
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In HK code for "I Love You" in pager.
by mazinger October 1, 2010
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without the ^^ duh
i luVz yu0 5eva 333
by ex0gei February 7, 2013
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Half evil.

666 = evil, hence 333 = half evil.
Seen on a t-shirt ... Front: "333", back: "Half evil".

As in: "that little rascal is 333, he is half evil."
by Lerssi October 31, 2007
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Just as 666 is supposedly the number of the Anti-Christ, 333 is the number of the Semi-Christ. Occasionally seen on bumper stickers and their ilk.
On button or bumber sticker:
"667-the Neighbor of the Beast"
"333-the Semi-Christ"
by DurtyWilly June 12, 2006
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1. Health/Wellness

2. Fashion/Modeling
3. Business Professional


Musketeers, Blind Mice, Wheels on a Harley Trike, Amigos, Scaramanga’s nipples, there are three declarations of vintage port every decade


dude:where were you lastnight?
chick:i was on a date! where the hell were you?

dude:watering your plants!
by Your mumzie June 30, 2010
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